We are a very friendly and sociable walking group covering the area of Gwynedd west of the city of Bangor.
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 Training Event at Wrexham Saturday September 13th

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PostSubject: Training Event at Wrexham Saturday September 13th   Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:41 am

Training events are not compelling attractions, but are well worth while. This one was at Owyn Glyndwr University Wrexham a 160 mile round trip! But it was well worth while. I attended the Communications and Publicity Workshop. Clearly publicity is a full time job, but our group Ca/Dw, do some of the things quite well some of the time.
 The workshop dealt firstly with Press releases to local newspapers. This is an art form and not always successful even then. We were told not to be disappointed if our attempts failed. Normally the press needs a hook on which to hang a story. An anniversary - a celebration - a personal milestone, on which to hang a quite normal event in a Ramblers Group. Hence a normal walk is transformed if it someone's 50th led walk or 50th birthday.
 The second half covered publicity via the Social Media. Facebook was treated as standard. Please follow Caernarfon and Dwyfor Group Face book page. It is alive and well. We were further encouraged to launch a Twitter account, before we dismiss it as rubbish. It is for the Group's benefit not our own personal preferences. Twitter is growing as the Social Media of the time. Basically it is 'electronic gossip' but that is is how news spreads, often known as 'networking' Our group is followed and follow other groups and institutions, some of the tweets are picked up and re tweeted to an ever widening audience. Those with network enabled phones can do this on the move, so our group in a special location, on a special walk can tweet immediately with a photo or two, to let others know what they are missing.
We can be snooty about all this, but possibly ignore it at our peril. Do we have a tweeter, who can help us launch an account?
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Training Event at Wrexham Saturday September 13th
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