We are a very friendly and sociable walking group covering the area of Gwynedd west of the city of Bangor.
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 Save the sheep.

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PostSubject: Save the sheep.   Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:33 pm

Hi ramblers,
I've had an idea for some time but done nothing about it except to mention it to a few fellow ramblers.
During the last winter the snows caused major problems for our hill farmers and I only heard of the problems from the TV when a farmer said that he felt that tomorrow would be the last day to find any sheep alive.
I put it to the committee, is there any continuity plans that can be put in place to muster a party of ramblers to set out to help the farmers in need. Other outdoor organisations could also be brought on side to help out.
It may be that there is some help for the farmers, but I have not heard about it.
We are as a group now have a lot more freedom to roam the hills, so setting up a continuity plan to help the hill farmers could only help relationships between us.
Did I hear someone say don’t forget the pony’s?  
We may not have a winter as bad for another 20 years but once a plan is put in place, surely it could only help. If only 20% more sheep are saved, it could only be good.
Any Comments.
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Save the sheep.
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