We are a very friendly and sociable walking group covering the area of Gwynedd west of the city of Bangor.
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 Research on exercise. A request from Sofia Strommer of Bangor University

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PostSubject: Research on exercise. A request from Sofia Strommer of Bangor University   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:13 am

Via Chris Parry and Edmund Plaxton. A request from a student at Bangor University see below

• This project is being conducted by Sofia Strömmer, PhD student, under the supervision of Dr David Ingledew, Senior Lecturer, from the School of Psychology, and Dr David Markland, Senior Lecturer, from the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, Bangor University.
• The project is about people's personal experiences of exercise. We are inviting adults aged 18 years or older to take part. You can take part whether or not you currently exercise.
• If you decide to take part, I (Sofia Strömmer) will ask you to sign a consent form. I will then interview you about your experiences of exercising. I will ask you about your reasons for exercising, the kind of exercise you do or have done in the past, and what you may have gained from exercise. The interview will be in English, and take about an hour. The interview will be audio recorded, and I will take brief notes.
• Your consent form will be stored in a locked cabinet. Your data (interview, transcription, and notes) will be stored separately on a secure computer. No one except the researchers will be able to link your name to your data. Your name and the names of other people and places you may mention will not be used in the write up of this study. We will use aliases instead. You will not be identifiable in any report of this research.
• Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary. You can decline to answer any question. You can withdraw completely at any time, without giving a reason. If you withdraw, your interview and notes will be destroyed.
• You will be paid £6 and travelling expenses for participating, even if you later decide to withdraw.
• I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the research. I can be contacted by email: Sofia Strömmer (pspca5@bangor.ac.uk). Or by telephone: 01248 388343. Or you can write to me at the School of Psychology, Bangor University LL57 2DG.
• If you have any complaints about the conduct of the research, you can write to Mr Hefin Francis, School Manager, School of Psychology, Bangor University, LL57 2DG, UK (h.francis@bangor.ac.uk).

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Research on exercise. A request from Sofia Strommer of Bangor University
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