We are a very friendly and sociable walking group covering the area of Gwynedd west of the city of Bangor.
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 Wales Ramblers Office closes - Staff made redundant

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PostSubject: Wales Ramblers Office closes - Staff made redundant   Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:32 am

Sad The RA are desperatlely short of money, beacause of the recession, the drop in investment income and in members. I paste below a sad communication from the Chairman of Wales RA.


Hi All,

If you'd like to say thank you, and wish people well, the staff who've been
made redundant in Cardiff finish next Friday.

These include: Beverley, Celia, Anwen, Rob and James.

This is a bad time for the RA in Wales and a bad time for devolution and
democracy in my view.

There has been incompetence in the way the RA finances have been handled and
in the way the problems were discovered; far too late - these are my own
views. I speak for no-one else, although I know many others would echo them.

Wales and Scotland have been hit disproportionately hard, with little or no
understanding of how the situation on the ground is so different from South
East England - I should know, that where I come from.

Those again are my own views or opinions and, as always, I may be wrong!

Beverley came to Glamorgan Area Council last night and explained the
situation herself - which must have been a difficult and emotional task for
her - though she didn't show it.

She said that the staff had all rallied round and worked hard - no,
extremely hard - on our behalf in trying to leave a situation that can be
picked up on - what in South Wales would be called "Tidy"!

They've all been "Tidy", they are "Tidy people" and, as Glamorgan Area
chairman, I thank them all publically for it.


Alex Marshall
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Wales Ramblers Office closes - Staff made redundant
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