We are a very friendly and sociable walking group covering the area of Gwynedd west of the city of Bangor.
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 Postponement of Quiz.

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PostSubject: Postponement of Quiz.   Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:02 am

Dennis Glass
1 hr

Bore da everyone
what a wonderful winter wonderland we’ve woken to!! but I’m afraid as a consequence, I will have to postpone the quiz scheduled for this evening. We have about 6” of snow and I’m sure lots of you are equally hampered if it’s motorised transport you need To get out and about. The temperatures are due to rise but because of the amount of snow that needs to disappear I guess it’s prudent to reschedule the quiz. I will contact Snowdonia Parc when they open at 10am and book another date within the next week or two. Please let everyone know in case they don’t look at Facebook or our own website. Will be in touch again later today. Have fun in the snow!
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Postponement of Quiz.
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